Welcome Former Choir Students
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My Dear Students,

This web page is designed to give us a chance to relive some of our fun times in choir.  On it you will find pictures of our choirs, and samples of the music we sang each year.  I welcome your suggestions and comments and hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane. 

James O. Foxx,    Director

Mr. Foxx's Choirs
Mr. Foxx was awarded the 2011 Roy L. Klassen Award for Excellence in Choral Music Education in July, 2011.  The award reads: "The Fresno County Office of Education celebrates your years of outstanding music education and your service to the choral music community.  Your musicianship and leadership are an inspiration to all, and your teaching has truly made a difference to generations of student musicians."
Foxx receives award from Fresno County Board of Education (see below)